Don’t Let Unheeded Dangers Ruin Your Holiday Season

With the festive season upon us, including a school break for our children, I’d like to remind fellow parents that construction sites are not playgrounds. Snow might make a site look like a sparkling winter wonderland, but don’t be fooled, the dangers there are all too real.

Whether you are visiting sites as you consider a new home purchase, you live in a new development that is still under construction, or are visiting with family or friends who live nearby a construction site, there is a good chance your child will come in contact with a construction site.

Please take the time to warn your children. Explain the dangers such as nails, rough materials and potential falls that could result in broken bones but could also be life-threatening.

I also want to encourage everyone to pay special attention to their smoke detectors. Our London Home Builders’ Association renovators work with the London fire services to blitz London neighbourhoods, testing smoke detectors and replacing batteries or the detector where necessary.

It is surprising and disheartening to learn how many homes have expired smoke detectors or no detectors at all.

With the holidays fast approaching, why not take this as your opportunity to start a new family tradition: checking the expiry date and the batteries in your smoke detector. When you’re thinking stocking stuffers, don’t forget batteries.

Have a happy holiday season by putting an emphasis on staying safe!