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Holmes Approved Homes

Better Homes. Built Right.

Holmes Approved Homes

A commitment to quality craftsmanship and leading-edge building practices. Better Homes. Built Right.

Wastell Homes continues its commitment to building homes high above industry standard by partnering with Mike Holmes and his Holmes Approved Homes Program. This prestigious certification is awarded to industry-leading builders who demonstrate quality craftsmanship and a dedication to building.

The Holmes Approved Homes Program is defined by its inspection process by a certified Mike Holmes inspector. Inspections use the top of the line technology and products to ensure your Wastell home is above and beyond residential standards during fundamental stages of building your home.

The Holmes Stage Inspection Process

This package ensures a thorough inspection of your home at 3 critical stages to verify that durability, efficiency and final finishing all meet Mike Holmes’ standards.

STAGE 1: Durability Inspection

This inspection covers your homes structural framing, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC rough-in’s, as well as exterior protection against moisture.

STAGE 2: Efficiency Inspection

This stage covers energy efficiencies – from vapour barriers and insulation to windows and doors. We even provide a thermographic scan to ensure maximum performance of your homes systems.

STAGE 3: Final Inspection

During the final stage, a Mike Holmes Inspector reviews all the finishing details of your home. From interior finishes to mechanical systems, this inspection ensures your home is up to Mike’s strict standards. 

Holmes Inspection Packages

Wastell Homes also offers 2 additional Holmes Inspections Packages available to home owners as optional upgrades.

The Holmes Upgrade Package

Includes everything in the 3 Stage Inspection Package, plus a 4th inspection. It also incorporates supplementary construction features, products and materials.

The Complete Holmes Package

Features trusted workmanship, top-of-the-line products and the best building practices in the industry to construct a healthy, green, energy-efficient home with fire, mould, and moisture-resistant properties.

Holmes Approved Homes

Hand-selected for our commitment to quality, we’re proud to be London’s only Holmes Approved Homes builder.

Better Homes. Built Right.

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